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I have found MyPDFCreator to be very easy, accurate and quick to use.  I have various certificates and other documents to create quickly, so this program is great as it has so many options to choose from in order to produce the perfect document.  I would recommend this software to everyone so give it a try and I know that you will not be disappointed. - Anne Scott, United Kingdom

Create High Quality & Professional PDF Files

Create High Quality PDF Files in a few simple Clicks
from any document format. Share your work easily and
professionally as small PDF Files, openable by basically
anyone on any system.

Protect your Valuable Work

Share your work securely and responsibly. Avoid virus infec-
tions or prevent users from modifying, printing, duplicating or
even opening your document. When required you can use
our strong build-in 128Bit encryption for optimal security .
Save Time with specialized Office functions

MyPDFCreator now allows you to directly email your new
PDF files to clients. Do you want to share multiple project
files? Excel files, images, Word files, etc.: you can simply
combine them all into a single and organized PDF File.

MyPDFCreator 2007 Awards
• Windows systems
• Linux systems
• Macintosh
• Mobile Phones
• Smart Phones
• PDA's
• Laptops
• OS/2
• And more...
Convert your work to PDF Anywhere, from Any Program

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Windows Vista® Ready

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, ME, 98, 2000 or 2003
40MB of Harddisk space


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